ICG Emerging Cinematographer Award winner

Toronto & Los Angeles local



Green Fever - feature - dir: Gerard Roxburgh
True Blue - short - dir: Jack Carter
Carzy Like Me - short - dir: Lea McKissock
Hello, My Name is Charlie - feature - dir: Landon Johnson
6 Years, 4 Months, & 23 Days - short - dir: Gerard Roxburgh
What Would Jesús Do? - short - dir: Victor Martin
All Out - short - dir: O'Shea Myles
La Paz - short - dir: Felix Martiz


Out of the Cinema and Into the Soup (wt) - feature - dir: Greg Olliver & Karim Raoul
Chasing Whiskey - feature - dir: Greg Olliver
Once I Was A Champion - feature - dir: Gerard Roxburgh
Modelo: Fighting Chances - branded docuseries - Courageous Studio - dir: Greg Olliver
AT&T: It Can Wait - branded docuseries - Courageous Studio - dir: Greg Olliver
"The Alienist" Shorts - branded docuseries - Courageous Studio - dir: Greg Olliver
ArtBound "Junk Dada" - PBS - dir: Suzanne Majean Pinney
Red Bull Youth America's Cup - Red Bull Films - dir: Stephanie Paris
Human Safari - pilot - Travel Channel - dir: Art Spigel
Man At Arms s.1-5 - series - Defy Media - dir: Andy Signore
The Reality of Truth - feature - dir: Laurent Levy
A Bundle of Sticks - feature - dir: John Funk


The Story of Our Times - tv movie - Comedy Central - dir: Nicholoaus Goossen
Typical Rick s.1 - series - Comedy Central - dir: Nicholoaus Goossen
Make Your Mark - docuseries - Disney Channel - dir: Jonathan Del Gatto, Damon Escudero
Trevor Moore: High in Church - tv special - Comedy Central - dir: Nicholoaus Goossen
Remembrance - National Film Board of Canada - dir: Randy Bradshaw
Six Guys One Car s.1-2 - series - Comedy Central - dir: Nicholoaus Goossen

music video

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz "Human Sadness" - Dir: Nicholaus Goossen
Letts "Emeralds" - Dir: Nicholaus Goossen
Ivy Levan "Hang Forever" - Dir: Nicholaus Goossen
Clinton Sparks feat. 2 Chainz & Macklemore "Gold Rush" - Dir: Nicholaus Goossen
King "B.O.M.B." - Dir: Nicholaus Goossen
Todd Riddle "Forya" - Dir: Jonathan Del Gatto
DeLaZoo "Calm, Cool, Clean" - Dir: Chris Buongiorno
Mika Ben-Yami "Nothing is Wrong" - Dir: Leah McKissock
Bobby McFerrin "Ladeo" - Dir: Bud Schaetzle


Cumberland Farms "2018 Coffee" - BroderVille Pictures - Dir: Nicholaus Goossen
Mott's - Dir: Leah McKissock
Charter Cable - Dir: Brent Loefke
Shop At Home - Dir: Scott Young
Zillow "Triangulate" - IFC - Dir: Damon Escudero
Lowes "Christmas Comes to Life" - Soul Pancake - Dir: Ben Shelton
Nintendo 3DS "Jenette McCurdy" - Dir: Jonathan Del Gatto
Olay "Classic Glow" - Dir: Leah McKissock & Adam Blake Carver
MessageMe - Dir: Leah McKissock
Disney "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" - Dir: Art Spigel
Instagram - Dir: Jonathan Del Gatto
HomeAdvisor - Dir: Brent Loefke
3M "Command Clear" - Dir: Jonathan Del Gatto
Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka - Dir: Jonathan Mink
Pizza Hut "Mmmm in Any Language" - Dir: Jonathan Pezza
Farmer Boys Restaurants - Dir: Jonathan Mink
Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" - The Famous Group - Dir: Dan Hertzog
Goodyear Canada "Fuelcast / Nascar" - Due North - Dir: Karen Howe



& 2nd unit

Hot Bot - Dir: Michael Polish
All's Faire in Love - Dir: Scott Marshall
Black Jesus (s. 1) - AdultSwim - Dir: Mike Clattenburg
The Christmas Spirit - Dir: Jack Angelo
Mr. Christmas - Dir: Jim Fall
Concrete Blondes - Dir: Nicholas Kalikow
Model Minority - Dir: Lily Mariye
Borderline Murder - Dir: Andrew C. Erin
A Holiday Engagement - Dir: Jim Fall
Two Shadows - Dir: Greg Cahill
A Borrowed Life - Dir: Andrew C. Erin


Emerging Cinematographer Awards, 2016 - Winner - Letts “Emeralds”

Golden Mic Awards, 2015 - Best Videography of a Feature Story - ArtBound "Junk Dada"